The Long Awaited Update!

On my old site – I last updated my struggles and challenges May had brought.  I want to thank all of you for your kind words and support! It meant a lot to our family and we really felt the love.


Since finding out we lost a child, we were grasping for some positivity to come out of that month.  With all the stress in that month – I didn’t even pay attention to the fact that I was late.  We had literally just made the decision to start trying again. We didn’t know how long it would take and I knew I wanted another spring baby.  Little did we know God had that plan all worked out amongst the craziness that May brought.

Two solid lines was something I was more expecting this round than I was Simon.  Simon was a complete shock to both of us where this time – we prayed for it.  With finding out we recently lost one, I didn’t know what kind of road I was going to be on with this pregnancy.  I tip-toed everyday with fear that I would again, lose a child.  Every time I felt off – I was questioning whether that was the moment it was going to be taken from me.  I had such little trust in this plan God had for us – and it was evident that this baby we prayed for was putting more fear in me than joy.

I was reminded by another mom that the symptoms like morning sickness, tender areas, and all those wonderful things is a sign the baby is growing and taking what it needs from me to survive.  Even though I had experienced those same symptoms during my pregnancy with Simon, this was something I completely forgot to remember during those fearful days.  The horrible symptoms I was feeling suddenly became blessings and I was seeing the joy in all the changes my body was doing. Who would’ve thought that the dreaded mornings I had were God reminding me he’s knitting that child together in His design.


I am now 12 weeks and finally getting over my first trimester.  I am rounding out and our little bear is starting to make an appearance.  Making our announcement was fun and I had such wonderful responses.  Not one “was this planned?”.  I had a lot of “FINALLY!” and “Simon is going to be the best big brother!” (which we know all too well.  he LOVES babies!).  We plan to only have 2 children so this pregnancy is a bit bittersweet knowing that this may be our last.  I am soaking in all the one on one time I have left with Simon.  Even though he will have to adjust with his attention shared with another baby, we are doing everything we can to remind him how special he is and that this baby is a part of his family too (even though that usually brings up the discussion of him having his own baby…).


This is a common topic when people bump into us.  We’ve kinda lived a bit out of our suitcases for the last 6 months.  We stayed with Andrew’s parents last year in hopes to buy a house that fall but that unfortunately didn’t work out so we landed up house sitting for Andrew’s aunt and uncle while they travelled to Arizona for the winter in hopes to purchase a home in March.  Again, with a situation that was completely out of our control, that did not work in our plan so we decided to rent a house in Mitchell.  It’s in the new development with a close-knitted community.  We plan to live here till a new development opens up this fall in Steinbach where we plan to build a home.  We know that’ll come at a crazy time seeing as we are expecting for February, but with the family support we have – it’ll be doable.   We are excited to start planning our home and I’m getting a bit eager to get out of this rental unit and into something that we can finally call our own.  (Little known fact about me – patience isn’t exactly something I exceed in.)


I’ve become such a home-body since being pregnant.   I have lacked a social life seeing as I am usually in bed by 9pm.   However, I do try my best to continue my commitments such as playing in our church worship team (as long as my body lets me lol), helping friends out where they need it and making our regular trips to Winkler (even though that sometimes takes everything out of me!) We are blessed to have the help from Andrew’s mom as much as we need.  She’s been such a blessing during these last few months of me feeling down and out.

Now that I’m starting to feel a bit more human – I’m looking forward to getting out a bit more.  We hired our first ever babysitter and it has worked out so great! Simon is already asking when she’s coming over again.   Andrew and I don’t really have cell groups in our church or evening bible studies so we are looking at doing something like that with friends.  We discussed this yesterday and we are going to brainstorm some options. It’s so hard to commit to time when you have kiddos at home but we think with hiring a new babysitter – this will work out.

Simon keeps us busy.  He’s currently fighting a nasty cold in our home along with pink-eye.  I feel so bad for him because he’s developing a bad case of cabin-fever and wants to go out so badly but we can’t let him go anywhere other the park down the street due to how contagious he is right now.

I feel so bad for Andrew that he has to commit ever evening to being home and helping with Simon and myself.  He does it with no complaining what so ever (even though we both know he wishes my evenings were a bit more exciting than going to bed at 9pm). Summer’s are always tough for him to have a social life because he works 50 hour work weeks in +30 degree weather and he’s usually physically done when he gets home.  Fall can come anytime now for the both of us.  I’m looking forward to cooler weather and I’m sure he is too.

I can’t think of anything else that’s new with us! Feel free to comment! I’d love to hear from you!

xo | andrea



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