10 things you may not know about me!

Hello readers! I know I’ve gained some new ones along this blogging journey so I wanted to share a few things you may not know about me! 🙂

  1. I’m a twin. To anyone who has known me personally – this is not new news.  My sister and I grew close. Very close.  We also grew up like most sisters did – fighting over clothes, boys, and all that jazz.  Over the years we grew very differently.  Alesha tended to lean toward wanting to be married and start a family right out of high school.  My high school relationship fell through so my intentions were to more or less ride my early-adult years out in hopes that one day I would eventually want to settle down.
  2. I have learned a total of 6 instruments in my life.  No, this  does not count the dreaded ‘recorder’ that we all got given to us in grade 4.  In highschool, I had a dream of wanting to become a music teacher, so I knew learning as many instruments as I could would benefit me greatly.  With some hiccups in my pre-requesit items (specifically my piano background), I was not able to enroll.  I kept my love for playing percussion/drums since then, and a bit of guitar.
  3. I am a bit of a….anti-clutter bug.  I purge on an impulse.  This sometimes leaves me in regret but mostly I am thankful I have not accumulated junk over the years.  This has also helped me manage my anxiety I struggle with because it allows meto have structure in my life.
  4. I come from 2 very different cultural backgrounds.  My mom is 100% (more like 110%) mennonite and my dad is Aboriginal (however, he was not raised in the indigenous culture).  I never was educated or really embraced my dad’s culture either.  He was raised by a family who chose to foster him and my aunt back in the 60’s.  I would say I embrace more of my mom’s mennonite culture.  I learned to eat a lot of the food and also picked up a fair bit of the language. It doesn’t help I married a mennonite either.
  5. I have photographed professionally for approximately 12 years (with taking small breaks along the way).  I’m mostly self-taught with some education.  I am currently enrolled in the NYIP program where I plan to graduate this winter.  I have learned a lot of life-lessons along the way and have met some wonderful people who still inspire me today.  This is something that truly comes natural to me however I still have a long way to perfecting my art.
  6. Why I didn’t put this as #1, I’m not sure – but as most of you know I LOVE JESUS! We live in a Christ-centered  house and we love to talk about Jesus and how he makes us feel everyday.  Simon told me last night he LOVES Jesus and that just warmed my heart! We love sharing with Simon all about Jesus.
  7. One of my biggest passions in life has been working and surrounding myself with people with disability.  I grew up with an uncle who had Down Syndrome and he became such an impact in my life – when really, anyone who would’ve met my uncle Rodney would testify that he has left a legacy.   I have years of lifelong memories having individuals with disability impact my life – I even had a wonderful lady be a bridesmaid in my wedding! This is something I want to carry forward to my children and I’m excited to see where their love will grow for people with disability.
  8. Last but not least – I have a love (and it’s not really a secret) for 90s music.  A radio station in Winnipeg recently launched a new 90’s radio station that I listen to ALL the time.  My husband always laughs at the amount of 90’s hip-hop / rap I seemed to have memorized over the years.  If I’m having a bad day – throw on some Run DMC and you’ll see that frown turn upside down! (too lame?)

That was fun. Ciao readers!


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