Why I chose to walk away from Tiber River

We’ve all been to those ‘parties’ where you sit and listen to the pitch that drives you to realize that you need this product in your home.  Some people hate them and some people love them.  The struggle with being the individual who has to go out and market the product is – you have to be consistent.  You have to love your product.  You have to want to grow with your product line.  All of that seems easy – but when life happens, it becomes tough.

Tiber River is a locally ran company that’s completely organic and hypoallergenic.  They allow you to enjoy your daily essential products such as lotions, shampoos, creams, and bath salts for every one in your family without the risk of applying chemicals to your body.  They are a pretty amazing company – which is why it was difficult for me to walk away.

To sum it up, I found it hard to find time to present my products, conduct sales and still be a full-time working mom. Unlike some other multi-level marketing companies, they depended on a minimum sales in leu of not having an annual membership/consultant fee.   Don’t get me wrong – I’m still in LOVE with the product line.  I still depend on their baby line when it comes to caring for my child’s needs and I will continue to have their products in my home.

However, one thing I noticed is during this time that I was using and trying the products is I noticed I still depend on my trusty oils.  When I originally decided to jump into the multi-level marketing world – I signed up with dōTERRA.  A company I truly stand by, but with the USD being horrible for us Canadians – it was difficult for me to process orders for my customers and have them justify spending the 30% increase due to the horrible dollar. Since then, they have opened up a Canadian product line that customers are not required to order from the US (obviously certain products have not yet been approved by the Canada yet so not all products are available).

All in all, being all-natural is so important to me and my family.  I have a son who suffers from allergies (seasonal and fragrant) and it’s sometimes difficult to find products that work for him.  I found success in both companies to find products that work for my son topically as well as aromatically.   I also found products that have helped my husband with his chronic issues he’s suffered since having numerous sports injuries over the years.  This is super important to me because I know already that the chance of Andrew suffering from these issues will probably be life-long and the risk of him being dependant on OTC or prescription medication is just too high for our family.

As I mentioned being all-natural is still very important and that being said, I have still decided to stay with the original company I signed up with – dōTERRA.  I plan to still educate (just as I did with both companies) others in being pro-natural and implementing safe and effective products in your home for your entire family.


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