doTERRA vs Young Living

I can’t count how many times I get asked why I chose doTERRA over any other essential oil company out there – specifically Young Living.

First, I’d like to make clear that I fully trust both companies! However, I did obviously choose a company to ultimately work with, and that company is dōTERRA. So why did I choose them over Young Living or any other company out there?

doTERRA vs Young Living: Some reasons why I chose doTERRA essential oils

  • dōTERRA grows indigenously. This may not seem like a big deal to you, but dōTERRA works very closely with their farmers and distillers. In each plant’s indigenous location, they ensure the plants are grown to specification, harvested at peak and distilled properly. Why is this important? The same plant grown in two locations will not yield the same levels of beneficial compounds in both locations. Plants thrive in their native regions and habitat. This does not mean they won’t grow in other places; but you cannot expect the same quality of plants from these two different locations. The soil organisms and nutrients, humidity, rainfall, sunlight hours, altitude, etc. all play factor in the plant. And ultimately, they play a factor in the oil that is extracted from that plant. Young Living owns most of their own farms (which can also be a good thing). However, they grow most of their lavender on their farms in Utah, whereas dōTERRA sources from France.
  • dōTERRA works closely with farmers. dōTERRA does co-impact sourcing, meaning they work with farmers who have often been stuck as the middle man in oil bidding wars. doTERRA makes solid contracts with them, and most importantly, they pay the farmers YEAR ROUND. This is something no other essential oil company does. Unfortunately, most farmers who grow plants for the essential oil industry are poor most of the year and have to make cuts on the production just to survive.
  • The Healing Hands FoundationThe dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation was created in an effort to accomplish a mission of goodness in the world. Healing Hands seeks to bring healing and hope to the world and to ultimately teach impoverished cultures how to be self-reliant. dōTERRA provides for all overhead and administrative costs of the dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation, ensuring that 100 percent of all donations go directly to those receiving aid. I absolutely love this! It thrills me to know that the company I know and love is thinking outside of their own walls.

When it comes to product line – I think that’s difficult to argue because everything can be customizable.  Blends can be pre-made or you can make them yourself and call it what you will.  For example – my son can’t handle the scent of lavender.  Talk to any oily rep, they’re going to encourage you to use the ‘relaxing’ blends that can help with calming the nerves of your child.  Most of them will have lavender in them so I know right there- that won’t work for my son. I’ve created blends that work according to what he can tollerate.

So, are you wanting to learn more about dōTERRA? Whether you just want to use them for your own personal use, share them with other people, or build it into a business, I’m here to help! As you can see, when it comes to doTERRA vs Young Living, they’re both great companies! I just went with the company I felt best suited me.


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