Hey readers! Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA.  Here’s a bit of an update on what I’ve been up to.

Well – I had a week of holidays I was looking forward to spending some family time.  I was going to be 100% focused on potty training and crush some things off my to-do list at home.  Unfortunately, that took a turn when we found out my Grandma wasn’t doing well.  Her health took a turn very quickly and within a week of her being sick – she passed.  The process of her passing was very difficult for our family to see.  We sat back and looked at a woman who we have admired over the 91 years she’s lived slowly deteriorate.  She will be forever missed but now is rejoicing with her family at Jesus’ feet.

The transition back to being home for Simon was difficult.  He had a great time with his cousins and family – he didn’t want to come home.  We had a few sleepless nights of Simon not wanting to sleep in his bed.  This was so out of his character because he’s never been the kid to want to sleep in anyone else’s bed but his.  He would act out in ways he normally didn’t, wouldn’t eat the foods he normally ate, and so on.  Within a week of being home, we were seeing our Simon come back.  I was relieved to know it was just a phase.

I’m finally starting to feel better during this pregnancy – aside from being tired all the time.  This pregnancy seems to be going much slower than my pregnancy with Simon.  Maybe it’s because I’m anticipating the end so much?  Maybe I need to soak in this time having him/her inside me? However, lately it’s been a little busy bug inside there and I’m really looking forward to seeing it through our ultrasound appointment on Sept 23.  We also find out what gender the baby is that day as well! *can’t wait* 🙂

We have been focusing so much of our time on family time knowing that the family of us 3 will soon end.  One thing we learned about Simon is he’s very much like me when it comes to processing change.  He wants to know what’s going on all-the-time.  We soon will be transitioning his playroom into a nursery.  I’m not sure how he’s going to feel about that because he really enjoys having that personal space to himself.  Potty-training is another transition we want to create prior to the baby coming. I don’t want 2 kids in diapers if I don’t have to.  Simon is totally ready to be potty trained – it’s just a matter of us being consistent at home.  Simon understands where he needs to go – it’s just working on communicating with when he has to go.  Needless to say this has been very challenging while we’ve both been full-time working parents.

Not much really to update.  My life has been pretty much me sitting at home being a hermit.  I don’t mind though. I was always a go-go kind of person until about a year ago.  Now I’ve been more comfortable staying at home, going to bed early, and soaking in the time in my own space.


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