A Pries Family Update!

Haven’t done one of these in awhile so let’s recap on what’s been happening in our household.

I’m still working.  I am literally counting down days till I’m on maternity leave

I can’t wait to sit at home and holding this little boy in my hands. YES we are having a BOY!  My home will be full of boys and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  I grew up with a sister and my husband grew up with a brother so having the same-sex sibling is what we know! Simon is excited to have a ‘baby brother’.  We just recently transitioned him into a twin sized bed so we can use his crib mattress for the new addition.  He transitioned perfectly and we are praying that the transition of us bringing this new little baby home will go just as smoothly for him.  We decided to do this now so that he doesn’t feel overwhelmed when the baby comes and he has to go through a new change on top of getting a new bed and what not.

Speaking of Simon, we are always amazed on how smart, witty and kind he is.  He loves to hug my tummy and talk to the baby.  He asks countless question about the baby – like where it comes out (that was a very quick conversation which resulted in him telling me it came out of my belly button). He knows his ABC’s and his 123’s and he’s wanting to know more about life everyday! A bit of a side note, we’ve decided to hold off on potty training until I go on maternity leave in Jan.  I feel it’s going to go smoother than what we’ve been doing seeing as I’m able to be home with him and focus on this transition one-on-one.     We hate to gloat and be those parents that brag about their kid, but it’s hard not to.  I prayed for a child like Simon and I feel I was more than blessed with who he’s becoming.

Andrew is working 50 hour weeks and life is becoming busier.  We are finding time to do our fall-clean up in our home before our baby makes his appearance but it’s been hard finding the time between us both working and us taking the time we do have with Simon.  We hope to have everything done by the end of this month so that we can relax for the next few while we wait for him to arrive.

I’ve been continuing to work “full time”.  I used to be able to pull 5 days a week but now have been dropped to 4 days which I’m actually completely OK with.  I’m finding it harder and harder to push to work 5 days so it’s probably best I don’t burn out before the baby comes.  This also allows me some extra time with Simon which I can’t complain about however it’s looking like my days off are being spent in Winnipeg.  I have recently been transferred to Winnipeg for my prenatal appointments because I’ve now been diagnosed with Diabetes once again (yay).  This time it’s more manageable (so far) and I’m not on insulin (fingers crossed it doesn’t change).  I decided to take off earlier than what’s normal. I decided I will be done work as of the end of this year.  I can’t wait to start my new year with a fresh start at home and all the time and love focused on Simon.  🙂

Otherwise nothing else is new with us.  We are still waiting for the development to open up in Steinbach so we can start building in case some of you are wondering.


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