the transition

Well, it’s been just over 2 weeks since I’ve been an official stay at home mom.  The transition didn’t go as seamless as what we anticipated, but needless to say, it’s getting better over time.  The first week, Simon was a bit confused on why we weren’t leaving the house in the morning.  “Pyjama mornings” were now a regular occurrence, and we both love it.  However, little did I know that he’d be developing cabin fever pretty quickly.

For just over a year now, Simon’s had the opportunity to play with kids his own age 4 days a week. Even though there was mornings he didn’t want to get out of bed, this was still something he looked forward to (I mean heaven forbid if we ever got there after morning snack time!).  I didn’t realize how much he depended on that routine, even though being at home with mom was sometimes what he wanted.  I then decided to have him go once a week so that both of us can get a bit of a break from each other.  This was probably the best decision I made, because it allowed me to get my errands done while not having to take him in and out of the carseat countless times.

As much as at times I miss having adult conversations, not having anywhere to be first thing in the morning for the majority of the week is true bliss.  I am getting very uncomfortable and feeling a lot of things earlier than I should in this pregnancy so the most amount of downtime I can snag – I’ll take it.  Mornings are special and I’m going to truly miss them once the new one comes.  I’m going to miss having my little guy crawl into my bed at 7am and just veg until we both decide it’s probably time we get out and face the world (normally it’s like 8:30/9 before that happens).  This hour and a half usually consists of him telling me about his dreams.  I love hearing about who’s involved and what happens in all of his ‘dreams’ he has (even though some of them are obvious stories that he’s making up in the moment, but still entertaining as ever).

I’m learning more and more about how much of a sponge my son is.  I learned he’s way more developed intellectually and academically than I actually thought.  Not only can he say his numbers till 12, say his colours, and recite the alphabet, but he knows his shapes and can recognize letters and spell things out loud.  This was something I was taken back by because I truly under estimated the impact his day care was having on him.  The time and energy that our wonderful daycare lady spent moulding his brain into such a smart little boy is something I will never take for granted – and which is another reason why we are keeping him in daycare.

Christmas time is coming fast which means that the baby will be coming that much faster.  As I mentioned earlier, I am feeling symptoms a bit earlier than I should so I plan to soak this time in as much as possible before he decides to make his arrival.  Nights continue to be long, and picking up things off the ground is becoming a bit more difficult week by week, but I am deeply enjoying this pregnancy journey.  We aren’t sure what our future holds when it comes to having more children, but if this is the last one for us, we want it to be special.

xo| andrea

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