the most memorable christmas

Why is this the most memorable Christmas I’ve ever had?

On December 23 we were preparing to eat supper. I started noticing contractions every 7 minutes. I recently got news that I was 3cm dilated so we knew that chances of it being braxton hicks were probably unlikely. They continued for he next 1/2 hour so we figure it’s probably a good idea we get them checked out at the triage in St Boniface Hospital.  We packed a few things + headed out. About a few min before arriving they stopped, however they still wanted to check to see where I was at before allowing me to go home. Little to our knowledge + theirs, I had progressed to 6cm + the amniotic sack was bulged out of my cervix. No way was I going home. They didn’t know at first whether they had a bed for me but they landed up keeping me with the preparation that this baby may come that night. So we called my sister who was our second support person and headed upstairs. I was hooked to IV + monitored for any continuous contractions but nothing. I stayed the one night in the labor + delivery and then they decided to move me to the gynaecology floor for monitoring. Nurses continue to come in and check on the baby. We were told i couldn’t leave the hospital because the risk of the water breaking and delivery is too high. Depending how fast I progress I could be looking at having this baby within 45 min of the water breaking so they didn’t think I’d make it back here in time. so we spent our Christmas holiday in the hospital. this was by far the hardest Christmas I have had to experience. not being able to sit at the dinner table with my family at gatherings, not being able to see the faces of the family and friends when they opened the gifts we so strategically planned for them. Facetiming into gatherings just wasn’t the same. but worst yet not being able to spend xmas with our son Simon. I had so many little traditions I wanted to start this year but they were quickly thrown out due to the circumstances. while we were dealing with all this emotional stress, the universe had one more to add to our plate. Andrews wallet got stolen from the hospital here. Everything gone. The individual devised to go on a shopping spree my Mastercard and spent about $650 and random stores in the city, so needless to say xmas eve I cried. A lot. Christmas day came + Andrews family all came to spend a few hours with us including Simon. this allowed me to open his stocking with him and see his face when he got all his little gifts from us. Even though it was far from what I initially planned for xmas it was better than nothing. Seeing him leave was hard on both of us and we knew this journey would be more challenging than we anticipated, emotionally however the amount of “code blue” announcements I heard on the intercom made me remember there are people out there having a lot worse Christmas’s than us, so we added every one of them to our prayer.. boxing day was very chill + we just watched movies.  December 27th was another regular day. While taking our regular walk downstairs I decided to pick up a scratch and win ticket. I don’t normally buy these but the crossword one looked like it would be a good time killer. Well we landed up winning $65 which helped us pay for the hefty parking costs while being here, especially with Andrews wallet being stolen. Yay moment.

While meeting with docs + nurses throughout the days, they explained that even though I’m emotionally done with being here, it’s the safest to say that I’m in the best care when it comes to our second child. the chances of any complications lessen everyday that I’m here + if I can just stick it out, I’ll be thankful in the end. This was something that took me until today to understand + accept.

So now we ask for prayer. We ask for patience for Andrew and I and we ask for peace when it comes to Simons emotions. He’s finding it harder and harder to be a part from us. Andrew and I realize that we have obligations at home and we still want to be with Simon as much as possible during this time.  We just pray nothing happens while I’m here alone as Andrew is heading back to work on Tuesday.

We do open invitations to people who want to come visit, however we do ask that you text or message us on social media first just to give you the heads up.  We’ve had some ask about bringing food and we open that invitation as well! (Because really, who wants to eat hospital food everyday – bleh).  I will do my best to continue to update as much as possible!




8 thoughts on “the most memorable christmas

  1. Praying for you guys. I can’t imagine how hard it must be and boring! Your little one couldn’t be more cozier and safer tucked away for just a bit longer. Love you guys. Praying for you all.


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