2017 recap

2017 is something I feel I’ll always look back and remember.  It’s been a year of a lot of firsts, blessings, and a few challenges along the way.  A year where I really felt I was able to reflect on myself and the growth I’ve had as a mom, wife, friend, sister, and daughter.  Little did we know that 2017 would be the year of a lot of change for our family.

We moved into our home in May and we are still living there today.  We only anticipated living there here for a short period of time while we wait for the opportunity to put an offer in a lot we want to buy in Steinbach, however the process of that happening is feeling like an eternity.  We felt this year was quite a challenge living with tenants in the basement, as we find we live a very different life then them, and it continues to be so.  We just keep reminding ourselves that it’s only our temporary home and we will be out sooner than we know it.

Spring came, and our family was up against a battle we knew was eventually coming.  Back in 2014, my brother was arrested for an accusation of trafficking cocaine. This was something that was never proven, so it had to go to court.  This was very challenging for our family because even though he’s had decades of making bad decisions when it comes to lifestyle choices, he was really turned his life around and is looking at making his life better.  However, that doesn’t change the fact of the accusations that were made at the time.  Summer came and in June we had the opportunity to sit in a 3 day trail while we watched the whole thing unfold.  Evidence, testimonies, and statements were presented to the judge and we sat and waited to hear the fait.  Unfortunately, the judge had to deliberate for quite some time and we were unable to get the final verdict till later in the year.  It turned out my brother was found guilty on all 4 counts that were presented and he will be looking at prison time.  We aren’t sure exactly what the sentence will be as we will only find that out in the upcoming months.

Even with that happening, we were able to look at the positives that were happening in our lives.  Andrew and I were able to conceive a second child! As I’m still waiting big and at times, uncomfortable, we are excited to bring another little boy into our family.  Simon is excited to have a baby brother (even though he’s convinced he’s the one carrying him), except for the fact that he may have to share his things #singlekidprobs.  I always ask for prayer when it comes to this transition.  Simon normally does so good with change, I just fear this is one that might not go as smoothly as we anticipate it to.

Simon’s growing like a weed and we can’t keep up! I feel I’m always buying him new clothes.  For so long there he was the kid who hardly grew and wore the same clothes for practically a year and now we are putting pyjamas on him one day and after a wash, it’s too small! His vocabulary is growing immensely and he’s becoming a sponge of knowledge.  He knows all his ABC’s, colors, shapes, and numbers.  This past week we surpassed a huge hurtle known as potty training! This was something I had anxiety about because I really knew he was ready, but was I?  I lacked confidence big time in the potty training world as it was something I’ve never had to do before.  I feel God guided me through the whole thing and with 3 days of consistency, we were successful!

Lastly, we ended our year with a hiccup. I went into pre-mature labour as mentioned in a previous post. This was by far the hardest Christmas I had to face, but we trust God has this in his hands.

I learned so much in 2017.  I absolutely love being a stay at home mom so I’m hoping that after my maternity leave ends, I’m still able to keep plugging into my kids lives on a full-time basis.  I have become such a home-body and I love it so much because it allows me to be grounded instead of a constant go-go.  I have learned more about myself as a mom, wife, and friend.  I’ve learned that I shouldn’t invest my feelings into things I can not change – this is something I learned on a deeper level when it comes to a lot of my past.  I have been able to be inspired by other moms out there and even though I may not be doing a perfect job, I always try my best to mould my children into good respectful individuals. I learned not everyday is going to be a perfect day (I struggle with this at night, wondering what I could’ve done better that day).

I’m ready for 2017 to be my blank slate.  We plan to bring a new little life into the world and we are excited to see where the year brings us.  I want to soak every minute of it in and watch our lives grow.

Thanks to all my readers this past year for the encouraging words and comments on my posts.  I look forward to keeping this blog going for 2018 (if my life allows me to!).

Happy New Year to you all.



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