pregnancy update

First and foremost we sincerely want to thank everyone who has poured out their love and prayers for us this past week. We also want to thank the people who have opened their homes in Winnipeg to andrew while we wait for the arrival of our little guy. being a parent on top of handling this is rough but Simon is doing better than we ever thought he would. He always amazes us with how brave + grown up he is. here’s to 2018.

I recently got a roommate here.  I dreaded getting one because not only do you share this tiny space, but what if they’re someone you just don’t jive with? What if they’re a sleep talker, or even a sleep walker?! When she came, I didn’t know what to expect, but in no-time we were able to connect.  She and her husband moved to Canada only 3 weeks ago from India and she is currently 24 weeks pregnant.  She has lost 5 other children due to miscarriage, so this child is a miracle to them.  Hearing her journey and her story really made me reflect.  She’s incredibly humble and trusting that God will provide.  That trust is truly inspiring.  I’ll never forget meeting her.

Emotionally, I’ve been feeling better about being here knowing that Andrew is being home with Simon these last few days.  As much as I miss him, knowing that he’s at least spending time with one of his parents during this process is reassuring.  Don’t get me wrong, my in-laws have been amazing but something about having your mom or dad home makes him feel a lot better.

Progress wise, nothing seems to be happening except that I’m feeling more and more pressure which always surprises the docs when they come in that I’m still here.  They’ve already just started popping their heads in and asking “any changes?” and then leave.

Happy New Year to all my readers, friends and family out there.  May 2018 bring you lots of blessings.


xo| andrea


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