11 days and counting

ELEVEN days I’ve been here. ELEVEN!

No change when it comes to the progress of this labour, however I did meet with my OBGYN yesterday and he let me know he’s penciled me in for an induction date.  This baby is getting evicted Jan 13th! 

One blessing I’ve had as I mentioned in a previous post, is being able to get to know the Indian lady and her husband that are sharing the room with me.  Let me share a bit about them and a bit of their journey.

They moved to Canada less than a month ago.  They both work in the medical field in India, however they were not able to transfer their licences to Canada without completing an exam. They were married with the approval of both of their parents 7 years ago, and they immediately wanted to try for children.  Soon, they learned that the process of conceiving a child would be more difficult than they imagined.  At this point, the have lost a total of 5 children due to miscarriages for various reasons.  They are Christians and believe God has a plan for their lives, and one of the steps was moving to Canada to look for better healthcare, education, and work.  When they made the decision to move to Canada, they felt they were in the ‘clear’ because they surpassed the first trimester for the first time since trying to conceive a child.  Little did the know that only after a few weeks of being here, her water would break and she would be looking at continuing her stay at this hospital.  They have no jobs, no car, no family, nothing nearby.  They came here with only the clothes on their back and that’s it.  He eats at McDonalds often to avoid the horrible hospital food, where she’s stuck eating the tasteless meals that are provided to them, so last night Andrew and I decided to order them in some Clay Oven.  They were thrilled when I pulled up the menu and they saw food that were so familiar to them.

Andrew brought it in last night and it was amazing to hear about their culture and how they prepared the food we ordered back home.  It always amazes us that even though the doctors continuously come in and tell her she’s going to be here for awhile and the daily hiccups that occur, they seem to be very humble with all the bumps in the road they’re on.  They meditate daily, and she reminded yesterday me that we are on this journey together.  I love that she’s just as supportive with my situation as I am hers, even though we are on completely different journeys.  I love hearing about  her faith in God though her entire journey, and I look forward to keeping in touch with her after this pregnancy journey ends.

As I mentioned earlier, they came with nothing.  Their home is about 1.5 hours away, and with no vehicle her husband is not able to go home so he stays on the horrible couches in the lounge area and sleeps on it nightly. Today they got good news that if they were to get discharged, she could be looking at staying at the Ronald McDonald House here in Winnipeg.  Sitting with the curtain between us, I looked up and thanked God for that possible opportunity.  Once the social worker left after telling them their living options, I explained to them what living at the Ronald McDonald house would look like for them (I know this because my sister lived there with her family while Hailey was being treated here at the NICU). They were so excited because that would allow him to be there full-time and take care of her.  God is so good.

I continue to sit here like a beached whale waiting for my bulged sack to burst (wow, how classy does that sound?).  I’ve had amazing nurses and docs come through, which makes this process a wee bit easier.  New years was another hard day for me emotionally, knowing that I was not able to partake in the traditional gatherings that were going on, and I was ringing in a new year here at the hospital.  I was so emotionally tired of the resident doctors coming in and reminding me ‘we plan to keep you till the baby is born’.  Yes, I realize that – seeing as you 5 other doctors told me every day the past 10 days.  I finally just tell them when they come in that there’s no change and I realize I have to stay. No need to remind me.   My doctor today was new, and she was actually really funny. She said “I’m sure you realize you’re not going home, but just wanna check if there’s been any changes”. I laughed because she knew how drained I was from being here.

As I mentioned, Andrew’s back at work.  Financially, we are not able to have him take time off work with the expenses of food, gas, and parking while staying here. I know he’s finding it difficult to be away from me, and then being away from Simon when he’s here.  However through it all he’s strong and I admire that about him, and I can’t wait for my children to grow up and learn from his dedicated-minded character.  It’s hard emotionally to stay strong, so having him in my life and through this journey has been more than a blessing.

On a positive note, we got a day-pass granted to us! It has to be in a 5-10 minute radius of the hospital, so we plan to go to the forks this weekend (even though I’ll be tied to a wheelchair) and walk around the shops for the day.  We haven’t decided whether we will bring Simon with as he might not do well with leaving me from somewhere outside the hospital, but we will play that by ear.  I just can’t wait to get out of these walls and to the real-world, even if it’s only for a few hours.

We still continue to thank everyone for their generosity, kindness and prayers through this journey.  I’ll continue to update as we go, even though sometimes the days are mind-numbing and don’t always have a lot of excitement.


One thought on “11 days and counting

  1. I’m sure the couple that will be going to Ronald McDonald House will love it there. Such caring and loving staff.As well as the families are amazing.Its definitely a home away from home.
    I worked there for 7 years and loved every moment of my job.
    Wishing all the best Andrea.Hope you enjoyed your outing.

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