another status update

Well, nothing has changed. I know a lot of you are anticipating the arrival of our little boy alongside us, but it looks as if he’s in no hurry what so ever.  The doctor plans to induce tomorrow if I can get on the list, however I found out today that there were about 10 ladies waiting in the triage.  The nurse explained to me that it really doesn’t mean anything; sometimes the ladies get sent home if they are not ready to give birth, so it could still very well be tomorrow.

We thank everyone for their concern and eagerness to find out what’s going on, but we will be politely turning our phones off to focus on the delivery.  I’m constantly in prayer with God asking him to calm my nerves.  Labour is never the same, and I feel I had a good experience last time, so we just pray it goes as well as last time.

The time here has actually gone faster than what the days feel like.  I miss Simon more than anything and I am so thankful for the people in his life that pour their love and energy into making his days easy.  We are aware that the transition at home will not go as we initially planned, seeing as I’ve been gone for 3 weeks.  We just pray that he adjusts well with his baby brother and that he takes it all in strides and doesn’t feel overwhelmed with the adjustment.  I have developed great relationships with the nurses here and I will miss having my OBGYN as my regular doctor.  I have also developed a great relationship with my roommate, which I look forward to seeing our boys grow up together seeing as they’ll be only a few days apart.  I never knew I would have someone I can pray with, and talk life with every day while staying here.  I will sure miss her company.   I will not miss the sounds coming from this floor.  I have heard 2 deliveries occur, one basically in the hallway.  I will not miss the flavourless food, or the parking bills, or the gas costs that all came a long with me being here.

It saddens me that I was not able to spend the last few weeks of Simon being the only child.  We never anticipated me staying here as long as we have, and looking back I wish I could’ve used the time at home with him. However truthfully, this was the safest place for us to be in case something did go wrong or I did go into labour.  But as my OBGYN said, “you probably have one of the strongest amniotic sacks we’ve seen”.  Yep. Agreed.

One other thing to mention, with due to the horrible flu virus going around, we ask that people contact us prior to visiting.  We won’t be travelling for a bit, but we are open to visitors, however we want to protect our little guy as much as possible while this virus is still on high alert.  Feel free to message either of us or text us if you’d like to stop by. 

We continue to ask for prayer during this transition and look forward to showing off our little blessing.

Andrew & Andrea.



One thought on “another status update

  1. Your all in my prayers ! Can’t wait for the news update that your new son has been delivered safely and is healthy and strong ! Will also pray for all the doctors a and nurses that will be there with you that they are calm and also feel Gods presence as they care for you and baby ! God Bless !

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