where’s baby?

I know some of you are wondering what’s going on and where ‘s this baby that’s supposed to arrive Saturday.  Well, unfortunately the ward that I’m supposed to deliver had a turn of events and I got bumped – 3 times.  Needless to say, hearing it the third time today became very emotionally draining today and I was ready to sign myself out of this hospital.


I am learning so much patience this pregnancy, it sometimes amazes me.  The nurses could really sympathize with me today and understood that my fuse was about to go.  However, it doesn’t help that the resident doctor keeps repeating “I understand this is frustrating news, but ideally we’d like to see you go to 40 weeks.”  40 weeks? No sir. You don’t understand how frustrating that is. By the looks of things, you aren’t married, and I doubt you have children.  You don’t sit in a hospital for 23 days in a row where you’re basically restricted to the outside world. You don’t know what it’ll be like to come home to a child who hasn’t seen you more than 3 times in the last month and then force him to share his attention with a new baby.  You don’t know what it’s like to spend hundreds of dollars on parking costs, food, on top of lost wages while your wife sits in a bed day in and day out.  You don’t understand being told you can’t leave farther than 10 minutes from the hospital incase you go into labour.  No sir, you don’t understand.

We finally got to meet with the doctor who’s helping my doctor oversee his patients while he goes on holidays this week.  She read my file, saw that I was here for a very long time, and understood my frustration in a different light.  She was worried about my mental health ie: post partum starting before the baby even comes.  She said she was advocating for me in the labour floor, and plans to follow up with the charge nurse tomorrow to get me in.  I’ve been here a total of 23 days.  Long enough.  I’m full-term, and according to the fetal assessment today, he’s virtually perfect.  There’s no reason to keep me here any longer.  It felt nice to hear someone’s on my team and understands my voice.

So one or two more days, and I can hopefully hold my little guy. We still continue to pray for guidance for the doctors and for strength for myself.  We still ask for prayer for our patience, as we do realize that every day that the baby is in me is a benefit to his growth and development.

And as for Simon, he’s soaking in his one on one Auntie time for the next few days.  ♡ Thanks Alesha.

Andrew & Andrea

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