help! a parenting question

Ok, I am far from being any type of parenting expert, but I thought I’d hop on here and ask my mama-readers (or non-parental opinions), on dinner time discipline.

Dinner time discipline? Let me explain.  I am raising an excellent eater.  Simon loves food, except he’s a meat and potatoes kind of kid.  Lately, we’ve been given meals from our family and friends, and some are a bit different than what we normally make in our home.  Simon refuses to try new foods. He likes his regulars that dad makes, so why introduce something new?

Here’s the burning question…what do you do if your child refuses to eat supper? Especially when you know it’s food he’ll eat, just made a bit differently.  Do you make them something else? Do you let them starve? The big question – do you still feed them night lunch so they don’t go to bed hungry?

For the record, I don’t have a picky eater what so ever, so this is not a regular occurrence, but we struggled with this last week.  We understand it all is connected to all the changes he had to accept since we’ve been home, so we need to leave him some room for owning his emotions.




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