happy 3 months baby bear

Finally, we are at the milestone I’ve been waiting for.  We are finally getting longer nights (for the most part), routined naps, and happier times. 3-month mark is finally here.

These last few months have been the most challenging months of my life.  Emotionally, physically and mentally – I am spent.  I normally am not one to complain, nor am I really one to rely on others for help, but I had to really take a step back in my pride and allow people in.

It’s hard at times to look back and compare my life with Simon to Spencer.  Looking back, I really do remember the first 3 months being an adjustment as well.  We had a gassy boy, a boy who had a hard time keeping his formula down, and sometimes we did have bad days like we do now.  But those are not the moments I choose to remember, and nor will I with Spencer.  These first 3 months I plan to erase as much as I can when it comes to the bad times.  Those nights I cried wishing I had answers to his problems and how I wish I could give him the breast milk he so dearly craved are times I don’t want to look back and remember.  I want to look back and remember the first smiles, the first laugh he made, and the bond he’s going to build with his brother.

We still may not sleep through the nights.  We generally go 4-hour stretches – which coming from 2-3 is glorious!  Simon is finally staying home instead of always wanting to go to nana and papas when Spencer has bad nights (I never questioned him, I mean he’s gotta be going on a ton of sleepless nights due to his crying).  We are finally getting into a nap routine.  I am able to have company over without anxiety about how my house looked or let alone how I looked.  We even get laughs and smiles so all that stress was so worth it.


We love you baby bear.





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