ten years


This year will be 10 years since I made the move back to Steinbach.  Crazy to think I was brave enough to say farewell to Winkler and hello to my hometown – all by myself.  I found a stranger to live with, found a job and whole new life.  Little did I know these last 10 years would change me completely.

My life before I left was chaos.  I was consumed in drama, childless relationships, and well, just no room for growth.  I knew I needed to be somewhere where I felt challenged emotionally, but still familiar where I knew I wasn’t lost if I needed someone.  God knew what he wanted for me, and he led me there but without the challenge, He knew I needed.

I started work at IDC Communications (MTS Connect) back in 2008.  I knew someone who I went to elementary school with and was a salesperson there at the time.  I grew to love the staff and they quickly became like family.  I started re-connecting with old friends from my childhood, along with letting some go.  I connected really well with a staff, who at the time became my best friend. She was someone I felt I could be transparent with at the time. She would randomly tell me that I would be a great fit for her husband’s friend, who was single at the time.  My romantic life was chaos at the time, so my priority was trying to figure that ‘crap’ out at the time, not be set up with some random guy I had never even met before.  After I let the chaos go, casually, we ended up meeting at their house, started talking, and before we knew it we were on a date.

Dating Andrew was what I needed at the time.  He saved me and changed my life.  We changed each other’s lives, and we knew we were in it for the long haul.  Andrew wanted to marry me right away, but I made him wait.  He used the earliest possible opportunity to ask me to marry him.  Without any hesitation, I said yes.  Unfortunately, what should’ve been the happiest time of my life, landed up being the biggest challenge God had in mind.

I lost that friend, and for reasons, I’m still not completely aware of.  The person who had this perfect guy for me was the person who would attempt to come between us.  She tried to and royally failed to stop me from marrying Andrew; said I was not good enough, and that she couldn’t support the marriage we were about to embark on.  This tore me apart and took me a long time to get over.  This created anxiety in me that I never knew I had (and still struggle with to this day).  Was I stupid for thinking this life was for me? Should I allow someone who he deserved more be in his life? Those were the constant thoughts going through my head weeks and months after the dreadful conversation.  She had no idea, and probably still doesn’t, understand how that changed our lives.  A life-long friendship he had was altered, and mine was written off.  We supported each other through those months, and thankfully we were able to overcome it and move on.  However, this caused me to create a wall which I’m slowly allowing people through.  Being transparent and real with people isn’t an option anymore in my life until I started this blog.  This is just a stepping stone to overcome my anxiety.

I’m so happy to say that we have the best marriage, and instead of focusing on what tried to bring it down, we focus on things that bring it up (our Christian walk, children, and solid friends).

Three years after marriage, we decided to grow our family and we welcomed Simon into our lives.  That little boy brings so much love and laughter into our lives, that 3 years later, we chose to welcome Spencer! We love our boys more than anything in the world and we look forward to moulding them into smart, funny, and loving little boys.  Parenting isn’t always easy, but we are a team.  Before we were married, friends called us the A-Team, because our names were so close.  Now we are Team Pries.  We work together, support each other in our Christ-centered family.

Looking back at the last 10 years and all the ups and downs, I truly say this is the life I choose, and not settle for.  This was the life I wake up to every day and thank God for.

This is the life I love and I can’t wait to see what’s next.


xo| andrea

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