what to expect if you arrive to my home unexpectedly

what to expect if you arrive to my home unexpectedly


Growing up, my mom was what they would call a clean-freak.  And also growing up, she did her hardest to teach us the ‘proper’ way to vacuum a house, clean a toilet, or even put things away in our room.  If she reads this, she will agree that this wasn’t always the easiest, and we were not the most compliant kids.  Sorry, Mom.

Now that I’m a mom, I get it. I get a lot about why she had her ways – because I tend to have the same ways.  Having things orderly put away, and clean are ways I can manage my anxiety.  You must be thinking that changed when you had kids.  Yep. It did.

Having Simon wasn’t too bad. I look back now that we have Spencer added to our family and I couldn’t believe how good we had it with one child – time management wise.  I laugh when I think about the expectations I had for my home prior to having two kids.  Life became different, and priorities changed.

So, if you decide to come over to visit and I’m not prepared…you should be prepared.

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potty training adventures


When becoming a parent, I looked forward to most of the stages of parenting.  Most of them I got to watch my sister, friends and family parent their children, while taking some side-notes.  However, the one stage I dreaded was potty training.  It’s something that is so – by the kid – type of training.  Not all kids train the same.  What worked for 1 kid probably won’t work for another so we knew we were going into this with a blind eye.

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simon’s favorite indoor things!

I don’t normally post things I buy but I feel I should share some of Simon’s favorite things!! These are legit the things he goes to everyday now that the weather is becoming colder.  We are not a TV/Screen family so you won’t be hearing the shows on TV or the movies Simon loves.  He has yet to sit through a movie – but don’t get me wrong, he loves the times he gets to watch ‘Paw Patrol’ but that’s a show he’s only allowed to watch as a ‘treat’.

He would prefer these favorite things…

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Something I’ve learned raising a toddler

You bring this little baby home and now you have to figure them out and little do you know you wake up and they’re 2. This was said to me so many times when I came home from the hospital with Simon. I thought it would take forever before he’s able to hold his own bottle or let alone feed himself.  I then quickly learned when raising Simon, I have a non-dependant child. He’s never depended on me for anything – which at times put fear into what kind of toddler I was going to have.

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