potty training adventures


When becoming a parent, I looked forward to most of the stages of parenting.  Most of them I got to watch my sister, friends and family parent their children, while taking some side-notes.  However, the one stage I dreaded was potty training.  It’s something that is so – by the kid – type of training.  Not all kids train the same.  What worked for 1 kid probably won’t work for another so we knew we were going into this with a blind eye.

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the transition

Well, it’s been just over 2 weeks since I’ve been an official stay at home mom.  The transition didn’t go as seamless as what we anticipated, but needless to say, it’s getting better over time.  The first week, Simon was a bit confused on why we weren’t leaving the house in the morning.  “Pyjama mornings” were now a regular occurrence, and we both love it.  However, little did I know that he’d be developing cabin fever pretty quickly.

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simon’s favorite indoor things!

I don’t normally post things I buy but I feel I should share some of Simon’s favorite things!! These are legit the things he goes to everyday now that the weather is becoming colder.  We are not a TV/Screen family so you won’t be hearing the shows on TV or the movies Simon loves.  He has yet to sit through a movie – but don’t get me wrong, he loves the times he gets to watch ‘Paw Patrol’ but that’s a show he’s only allowed to watch as a ‘treat’.

He would prefer these favorite things…

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